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Carillon Green is worldwide chemical distributor with offices in Tampa, FL(USA), Manchester (UK) and Varodara, Gujrat, India.
We are committed to serving our customers with highest quality chemicals and outstanding customer service. Our staff has collectively over 30 years of experience in chemical sales industry. We have a strong network of suppliers which allows us to serve our customers with timely supply, high quality and most competitive prices. We specialize in supplying ingredients for personal care, industrial and household cleaning, insecticide and pesticide (outside USA), and various other industries.


Ingredients and specialty chemicals for cosmetic and
personal care industries.
Essential oils, sun
protection, tanning, etc.
Anti-microbial for
personal and household
applications within
intermediate and finished

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We are located at:
5121 Ehrlich Rd. Ste 104A
Tampa, FL. 33624

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Customer Service Number:
(813) 322-3795
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